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FILM | LIBRI | MAPPE Amazon Through the Green Hell on Two Wheels Joe Pichler, the Salzburg-born adventurer, travelled 14,000 km by motor- bike and 3500 by boat through the wolrds biggest rainforest. He travelled the legendary Trans-amazonica alone on his KTM Adven- ture 990S through the entire Amazon region. He encountered gold mi- ners, fortune-seekers and rubber tappers. In Puerto Maldonado, a small town in the Peruvian Amazon lowlands, he had a visitor from home. His wife Renate arrived to travel the rest of the way with him. In the Andes they made their way up 5184 m to the source of the rio Apurimac (head- stream of the Amazon). They travelled downstream to the Atlantic on exciting, completely overloaded boats. In the heart of the Amazon, far from roads and modern civilisation, the rainforest is still intact. Here they met indigenous Indian people, and were able to discern the breath of the planets green lung. In the „Amazonas“ illustrated book, Joe Pichler presents the Amazon in all its splendid variety. 090-0286 Libro 21,69 € Via Mediterra - journey around the Mediterranean Barcelona and Beirut, Athens and Alexandria, Torre del Mar and Tel Aviv are all linked by one thing: the Mediterranean, which is bordered by three continents and twenty one countries. Dirk Schäfer set out to travel around the entire Mediterranean. This trip starts in Marseille, the oldest city in France. Founded by Greeks and still a cultural melting pot these days, it is the ideal starting point for the Via Mediterra, the tour around the Mediterranean. But what Google Earth shows as an extended holiday trip is actually a journey full of contrasts, incredible obstacles and pleasant surprises. ´Dolce Vita‘ and closed borders, ‚savoir vivre‘ and civil wars. The moments that leave their mark upon people‘s lives around the Mediterranean could hardly be more diverse. Dirk takes his audience right into the heart of life around the Mediterranean. From the archaic Good Friday processions in the South of France to the tourist ghettos of Benidorm, and from colonial Gibraltar to the poverty of the High Atlas in Morocco. From the fertile volcanoes of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the bleak steppes of Northern Libya and from the Koran schools of Cairo to the heirs of the Phoenicians in Beirut who are again trying to let the wounds of war heal. From the Turkish Riviera to the mountains of Albania, into the only fjord of the Mediterranean, and finally from the Greeks, who originally founded Marseille, back to precisely this town where the journey started. As is the case in almost all of his travels, Dirk is on his motorbike. Via Mediterra does not just focus on motorbike travel but also on meeting people and their stories. For moments, they converge with the traveller‘s own story, helping to give birth to a new chapter of travel in the 21st century. 090-0212 21,69 € lingua tedesca lingua inglese LIBRI 1263 090-021221,69 €

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