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Kat 17_fr_NEU

ASIA & AUSTRALIA FILM | LIBRI | MAPPE DVD By Any Means Travelling from his home town in Co Wicklow all the way to Sydney, Charley Boorman will use any means he can to reach his destination, via transport as diverse as steam train, horse, boat, kayak, truck, and tuk-tuk. And of course his beloved motorbike! 090-0299 27,25 € Explore Your Horizon An Adventure in China The order was clear:the new R 1200 GS Adventure of BMW Motorrad stood shortly before her premiere and there were still a few nice pictures missing. Why not just send a pen pusher to China and to show him a little his own limits there. Said, and done. 091-0181 16,35 € Rally Mongolia 2008 The Rally Mongolia the toughest rally that the Asian continent has to offer put Helly Frauwallner, six time Austrian Motocross champion, to the ultimate test. The landscape forced him to deal with difficult situations in adverse conditions, throughout the legendary territories once conquered and defeated by Genghis Khan. 091-0195 27,14 € lingua tedesca lingua inglese FILM 1259 090-029927,25 € 091-018116,35 € 091-019527,14 €

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