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1463 PART PART TO URATECH TO URATECH NEW Película - Libros Pyrenean Adventure They form a mighty barrier. 430 kilome- tres of granite separate two oceans, two countries: the Pyreneans. Dotted with snow-covered 3000 metre high mountains, steep gorges and bold fortresses, they provide outstanding motorcycle terrain with narrow twisting roads and remote mountain tracks. The perfect ingredients for the new film by Dirk Schäfer and Andreas Prinz, the ma- kers of „Sand aufs Herz“. Yet again, the two film directors pull out all the stops. They filmed a thrilling 3000 kilometres of coastal roads, Tour de France stages and an unexpected desert, displaying riding fun, strange situations and a great sense of humour. With superb aerial photography, exciting slow motions and support from film maker Stephan Fritsch, Dirk Schäfer and Andreas Prinz have created brilliant motorcycle cinema with the „Pyrenean Adven- ture“. 091-0223

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