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1459 Película - Libros Video en DVD - Namibia Durch den wilden Norden Namibias (A través del norte salvaje de Namibia) One afternoon in autumn, Herbert Schwarz and Astrid Neudecker decide spontaneously to travel to Africa together.Herbert and Astrid have long been infected by the Africa bug and have spent many months of their life on the Dark Continent. However, they have little time to prepare their trip, only 2 weeks. It must therefore be an “uncompli- cated” country. They choose Namibia. The former German colony is regarded as one of the easiest African countries to travel to and also as one of the most civilised countries on that continent. Namibia is large; the journey destination will be the northwest region of the country, “Kaokoveld“. This region is one of the loneliest and most natural in Namibia. It is inhabited by the Himba tribe. Accompany these 2 motorcyclists on their journey to the wild north of Namibia. 091-0153 DVD TIBET Dos BMW Touratech entre Kaïlash y Everest In the Western World many travel reports about sacred mountains, living gods and a peaceful religion have created the myth of Tibet. We were also fascinated by this myth and travelled on our motorcycles to one of the most far flung corners of the world to the roof of the world. There is sacred Mount Kailash, the navel of the world in Tibetan mythology and the destination of many Buddhist pilgrims and ours too.We travelled across the western part of Tibet on endless tracks with the snow covered peaks of the Himalaya in front of us. We visited the Buddhist Saga Dawa festival at Mount Kailash and the most famous mountain of the Hima- laya the Mount Everest. The film “Mit dem Motorrad zum Mount Kailash - eine Pilgerreise durch Tibet” documents our experiences on this journey. It is approx. 53 minutes long. We will tell the stories of our experiences of the people and the foreign culture and show you the most amazing landscape of western Tibet. 091-0102

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