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995 Yamaha XT1200 Luggage Rack for Pillion Seat A single seat with the luggage rack brought forward to the passenger seat – this is a solution which has proven itself on extreme trips and which we can now offer for the Super Ténéré. Heavy luggage is shifted closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, significantly improving handling on tricky roads. A must-have for individualists and globetrotters. 046-0616 Tail Bag for Pillion Seat Go for a ride on your own once in a while – our rear pannier is the perfect companion and straps to the pillion seat where it is closer to the centre of gravity. Made from Teflon-coated CORDURA which is both water-repellent and dirt-resistant. Made in Germany by KAHEDO. Dimensions (l x w x h): approx. 30 x 33 x 21 cm. Volume: approx. 20 litres. 055-1219 Original Luggage Plate Height Adjusting Adapter The original luggage plate on the Super Ténéré can also be fitted without its underframe or the pillion seat to provide a continuous surface for loading with luggage. But in order to do this, unfortunately, the pillion handles have to be removed. Our raiser adapter raises up the plate a little so that you no lon- ger need to remove the pillion handles. Can also be fitted in conjunction with 046‑0616 (luggage rack for pillion seat). 046-0633 Luggage Rack Our luggage rack is a solid bit of kit. The laser-cut aluminium plate bolts onto the existing mounting points above the rear mudguard. With belt slots all the way round, you can securely tie down even bulky luggage. 046-0612

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