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987 Yamaha XT1200 Crash Bars *Stainless Steel* Even minor falls can badly damage your Yamaha Super Ténéré tank and fairing. Repairing or replacing the tank or fairing is very expensive. Minimise the risk and use our extremely rugged Touratech crashbar. The lines and forms of the refined Yamaha Super Ténéré have been used again and incorporated beautifully into the whole appearance of the motor cycle. In spite of the fact that they are so good to look at, they are certainly one of the best crash bars on the market. The crash bars are made of non-rust stain- less steel. The XT1200Z really needs this high-quality, refined material. It is very easy and quick to fit. Most necessary maintenance work can be done without removing the crash bars. - 25/18 mm stainless steel tubing - Fittings included 046-5160 046-5161 (black) Engine Guard, Large We’ve incorporated the experience gained at count- less rallyes in the large engine guard for the Super Ténéré. The engine guard, which was designed spe- cifically for the Super Ténéré, distributes any shocks and loads over the entire engine block. The angled front makes it much easier to glide over stones, rocks and uneven road surfaces. The base plate of the engine guard is made of 3 mm aluminium sheet, reinforced by 2 mm stainless steel sheet. Rivets create a visually appealing, sturdy and highly resistant con- nection of the individual parts. The brackets are also made of indestructible stainless steel. The engine guard can easily be attached with our crash bars. 046-5137 046-5138 (black)

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