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984 IN THE EU - (GERM A N Y) Comfort seat for Yamaha XT1200Z Yamaha‘s design for a large touring enduro, as equipped from the factory, does provide essentially con- tinuous comfort over long distances for both rider and passenger.However, its seat was criticised because the foam used in its construction was too soft and its contours were less than ideal for longer distances, eventually causing pain and pressure points. Our comfort seat eliminates these nagging problems on those longer trips. It has optimised contours, a top-quality foam core available in three different heights and is upholstered in anti-slip and sweat-resistant sand-coloured fabric. This high quality seat is supplied complete and ready-to-fit - there is no delay waiting for reupholstery work. It does not require any modi- fications to your motorbike and simply replaces the original seat, which you can keep. Seat *Breathable* The breathable seat offers tremendous advantages over the standard one, especially at high temperatu- res. It enables the air to circulate inside the seat, which efficiently eliminates perspiration in the seat area. This in turn helps to prevent the underclothing from sticking and wrinkling. Yamaha XT1200Z low -2cm standard high +2cm Sozius Comfort seat 046-5900 046-5901 046-5902 046-5907 Comfort seat *Breathable* 046-5904 046-5905 046-5910 Comfort seat 046-5900046-5901046-5902046-5907 Comfort seat *Breathable* 046-5904046-5905046-5910

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