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982 046-0628 048-0132 Manifold Protection Guards When riding off-road, the manifolds are defenceless against flying stones and debris. Now we can supply two guards to protect the pipework on the XT1200Z. The flexible cover is a universal product that has pro- ved its effectiveness on many different models. The „manifold guard, bottom right“, on the other hand, has been specially developed for the Super Ténéré. With these accessories, you can be assured longer lasting protection. 046-0628 Manifold guard, bottom right 048-0132 Manifold guard, flexible, universal Rear Brake Reservoir Guard Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré Our cover protects the plastic brake fluid reservoir behind an elegant finish. Its special design almost completely surrounds the reservoir, which otherwise is exposed. The cover shields the reservoir from flying dirt and stones. With additional length at the bottom for that little extra protection! 046-0670 Oil Filler Plug Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré Certain unsavoury characters might have stupid ideas in their heads, but they rarely have an Allen key in their pocket. So use our hex socket oil filler plug to protect the engine oil in your Super Ténéré against any unwanted “additives” – and it will defini- tely have a positive influence on the appearance of the engine block. 046-0646

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