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975 Yamaha XT1200 Handlebar Risers The handlebar risers provide significant relief from your wrists and shoulders. In addition, it allows a more upright standing, which improves stamina and concentration when riding off road. In short, the handlebar risers improve the control of the motorcycle! The kind of increase we have specially adapted to the Super Ténéré and the height of 20 mm enables a simple installation, without the costly reconstruction of cables and wires. 046-5255 Touratech Handprotectors GD, Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré Enclosed, virtually indestructible hand guards with special fitting set for the Super Ténéré 1200. Reliably protects riders hands and levers from damage. 040-6836 black 040-6837 yellow 040-6838 blue 040-6839 red 040-6840 white Spoiler for TT-Hand Protectors GD Colours for hand protectors and spoilers can be combined as you wish. 040-7301 black 040-7302 yellow 040-7303 blue 040-7304 red 040-7305 white End Caps Touratech end caps let you create visual highlights in colours to match your bike. - Individually interchangeable with many hand protectors (M8), oil filler plugs and frame plugs - Made from colour anodised aluminium 040-5900 M6, gold anodized 040-5901 M6, red anodized 040-5902 M6, black anodized 040-5903 M6, titanium color anodized 040-5904 M8, gold anodized 040-5905 M8, red anodized 040-5906 M8 , black anodized 040-5907 M8 , titanium colour anodized 1 unit per pack. For handguards please order 2 pieces.

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