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974 GPS Handlebar Bracket Adapter Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré The bracket adapter is simply fitted to the handlebar mounting clamps on your Yamaha. Our GPS brackets all fit perfectly on its 12 mm brace. For easy, safe attachment of your GPS. With virtually no impairment of the view of the instruments. 046-0601 Spoiler for Windscreen This special spoiler for the windscreen is perfect for undertaking long, fast motorbike journeys in comfort. There is a significant reduction in turbulence and wind pressure against the helmet. It simply fits onto the windscreen, and is secured using the snap closure. When going off-road, the spoiler is easy to remove in seconds. 046-0647 lockable Aluminium Handlebar Ends Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré Our handlebar ends are milled from a single piece of aluminium with a natural anodised finish. A small part with a big visual impact at both ends of the handlebar. - Natural anodised aluminium 046-0631 Kaoko Cruise Control, Mechanical Cruise Control XT1200Z The original by the South African inventor! The Cruise control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. Thanks to the continuous adjustment, the accelerator can also be fixed to decelerate very gently - leaving you enough time to take your hand off the handlebar for a moment without immediately losing throttle. Despite that, the motorbike decelerates in a gentle and controlled way. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly.We are unable to accept any responsibility for it. Use at the owner’s/rider’s own risk. 330-0019

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