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964 Fairing crash bungs, Yamaha FJR 1300 The risk of dropping your bike is ever present, and on fully faired bikes such as the FJR 1300, it can be really expensive. Our fairing crash bungs have been developed by LSL, and offer safe protection if you drop your bike or have a fall. The combination of decorative outer shell and replaceable plastic interior is new. The outer shell is a finely turned aluminium „mushroom“ with a decoratively coloured coating. The rounded contour adapts to edges on the road surface (manhole covers, potholes etc.) like a runner, and thereby prevents snagging. The plastic inner part cushions the impact in the event of a fall, and reduces the speed of the vehicle. After minor slides, only the plastic bung needs to be changed. When sliding at higher speed, the off-centre contact surface of the pad guides the sliding bike, thereby preventing it from rotating and reducing the risk of overturning. Set 613-0300 from 2006 Lockable oil cap Yamaha FJR 1300 Proven a thousand times on BMWs - and now at last it‘s also available for the FJR 1300A. Our lockable oil cap puts an end to the worries of having the oil cap stolen or „foreign“ substances poured into the oil system. This elegant technical solution is a tiny highlight, and is easily secured using the key supplied to protect it against tampering. Our oil cap is something of a work of art, and is secured with a brand name lock. 613-0100 Swingarm pivot cover Yamaha FJR 1300 An attractive solution to cover the unsightly openings on the swingarm bearings. As well as enhancing the overall appearance, these items - which are milled from a single piece - also prevent dirt from penetrating. This provides excellent protection for the bearings and bushes and leads to a significant increase in their service life. 613-0102 Piece

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