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Triumph Street Triple 949 Crashpad Heat protection shields for original rear silencer Triumph Street Triple 675 We developed these shields to enhance the appearance of the original rear silencer. Designed to match the chain guard and chain fin, they give the rear silencer an aggressive, sporty touch. Made from a mix of stainless steel and black anodised aluminium, the shields turn the original rear silencer into an eye-catcher, emphasising the machine’s aggressive lines. 615-4015 2007-2012 CAT heat protection shield Triumph Street Triple 675 Sportier, lighter and leaner than the original part. Only fits on the original exhaust system the original shield for the lambda sensor is retained. 615-4035 2007-2012 Crash bungs Triumph Street Triple 675 A drop or fall can cause severe damage to the engine housing and fairing. Our crash bung, developed and made by the specialists at LSL, is the perfect solution. The crash bung has been designed to absorb the forces in the event of a fall, and in the event of a slide it ensures that the bike remains stable. This significantly reduces the tendency to overturn when sliding. A small understated item that makes a big difference! 615-4064 2007-2012 615-40152007-2012 615-40352007-2012 615-40642007-2012

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