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942 nd what would a holiday in Croatia be without visiting one of the islands? The belly of the ferry to Brestova swallowed us in an instant. An apple pie later, the Triumph and KTM followed the main road across the back of the island Cres, ready for twisting bends. Coarse, grainy asphalt fills our visors as we spend most of our time at an angled horizon. Istria‘s mainland to the right, the island of Krk to the left - gigantic masses of land, gently enveloped by the ruffled waves of the Adriatic Sea. Southern flair entices us to enjoy a capuccino in the port of Cres. Revived by the delectable shot of caffeine, we soon come across a tempting gravel side road. No prohibiting road signs in sight. For us that means: switching to the „enduro light“ mode - slight acceleration, standing on the footrests, and barreling along completely relaxed in second gear. Time to gather one‘s thoughts and do some mental arithmetic: we are riding motorcycles, multiply that with the breathtaking view over the Mediterranean as well as the mainstream character of this holiday location. And on the other side of the equation, the feeling of absolute recreation... The equation is solved! q.e.d. A

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