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939 rom Pula, we drive westwards, smack into the middle of mass tourism. There can be little doubt: Istria‘s west coast is one of theFmost popular holiday destinations of German and Italian holiday makers. Mediterranean and mainstream collide here and mingle in seconds. We work our way through the holiday traffic. Overtaking mobile homes and caravans turns into a serious competitive sport. It was only the attraction of of Rovinj‘s old town center that prevented us from fleeing instantly. The sun was setting. Nightfall surrounds the labyrinth of narrow streets in the old town center, giving it a magic aura. Cast-iron street lamps create a misty, subdued light effect. The numerous kitchens of the lovingly furnished restaurants fill the air with the spicy aroma of plentiful meals. Boisterous conversation of people enjoying their holidays adds life to the scenery. We drift through the Rovinj‘s streets in the old town, greedy for all the different impressions affecting our senses.

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