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934 e bear left after Rijeka. Left meaning, keep following the less populated eastern coastline. The coastal road with its high-grip asphalt takes us via Opatija and Lovran to Labin. The fantastic views over the Kvarner bay stop us from being completely engrossed in following the racing line. From Labin, we follow tiny roads across the Crna Punta peninsula. Fishing boats and modest private yachts rock to and fro gently in the tranquil harbor of Sveti Marina. Behind Ravni, we take a nondescript turn to the right. Narrow turns to tight, and tight turns into the width of a Zega case, maximum. These are the dimensions of the asphalt strip which twists its way up to the 475 meter high Brdo in wild turns and serpentines. Simply forget the idea of oncoming traffic. The rward for trusting in higher powers is a beautiful view over the islands Cres and LoĊĦinj. Salty air from the sea W

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