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Triumph Tiger 800 929 103 cm 45 95 cm 38 ZEGA Pro Special System, Frame Stainless Steel, Triumph Tiger 800/ XC Our favourite special system with ZEGA Pro cases now for the Triumph Tiger 800, too. The overall width of the 38 litres special system is 95 cm only! The right box has a gap for the silencer (as a result the capacity is reduced by approx. 5 litres). - With special stable luggage rack. - Ready fitted fixing kits. - Sturdy connecting bar. - Original indicators can be re-used. - No exhaust extension necessary for original silencer. This is the perfect case system for extended touring! Made of 18 mm stainless steel tubing, this non-rusting system matches the appearance of the Triumph Tiger’s frame and guarantees extra high stability even off the beaten track. It fits onto the existing attachment points. The extremely strong cross-brace design will withstand heavy off-road use without any trouble and is an elegant complement to the overall styling of the Triumph Tiger 800. 420-5715 38 litres 420-5716 38 litres *And-S* 420-5717 38 litres *And-Black 420-5725 45 litres 420-5726 45 litres *And-S* 420-5727 45 litres *And-Black* 420-571538 litres 420-571638 litres *And-S* 420-571738 litres *And-Black 420-572545 litres 420-572645 litres *And-S* 420-572745 litres *And-Black*

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