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928 ZEGA Pro Topcase Luggage Rack Triumph Tiger 800/ XC You don’t need any great mechanical skills to fit the Touratech luggage rack for the ZEGA Pro Topcase to the standard luggage rack on the Triumph Tiger 800. The luggage rack attaches securely to four mounting points and can withstand heavier loads than the original product. The Topcase itself is even easier to attach. With Touratech’s ingenious RapidTrap mounting system, the Topcase quickly “clicks” on or off. The ZEG Pro Topcase is lockable and it can also be locked to the rack. A natural aluminium version of the Topcase is available as well as an anodised version with a silver (And-S) or black (And-black) finish. Made from electropolished stainless steel. 420-5455 420-5456 (black) Luggage Rack, Triumph Tiger 800/ XC Touratech’s luggage rack fits perfectly on the rear of the Triumph Tiger 800 where it looks mighty fine. Thanks to the many slots and recesses on this luggage rack, luggage of almost any shape and size can be safely attached to your bike. The wide shape means that even large items can be secured easily and without difficulty. The luggage rack made of alu- minium and stainless steal is light and yet extremely strong. It comes with all required mounting materials, inclu- ding the special spacers. 420-5450 Stainless Steel Pannier Rack for Triumph Tiger 800/ XC for ZEGA Pro 420-5556 420-5560 (black) for ZEGA Pro2 420-5557 420-5561 (black) for ZEGA Pro 420-5556420-5560 (black) for ZEGA Pro2 420-5557420-5561 (black)

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