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920 Sprocket Guard Triumph Tiger 800/ XC Made from black anodised aluminium and stainless steel, Touratech’s sprocket guard for the Triumph Tiger 800 replaces the plastic cover to give a clear view of the final drive. On a long trip this means you can constantly check the sprocket for wear, and it’s easier to clean off chain grease and mud without having to remove the entire plastic guard every time. Designed to keep the chain lubricant in the housing, so it won’t get all over the surrounding components. Plus the combination of metals offers a visual highlight. 420-5050 Side Stand Switch Protector, Tiger 800/ XC The side stand switch on the Tiger 800 is completely unprotected in a seriously vulnerable position where larger stones or ruts can cause direct damage. This is an extremely annoying shortcoming on difficult terrain, as the switch needs to be bypassed. It’s only when the side stand switch stops working and the bike refuses to start that you realise just how im- portant this component is! Touratech’s protector for the side stand switch on the Tiger 800 is a resilient guard made from high-grade stainless steel that effectively prevents damage to the switch so it won’t stop you in your tracks. A little part that’s extremely functional! 420-5105 Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard Triumph Tiger 800 /XC On the Tiger 800 the brake fluid reservoir is all too easily accessible, putting it at risk of damage or tampering. Made from laser-cut stainless steel, Touratech’s brake fluid reservoir guard effectively prevents damage and undesired access to the reservoir lid, yet you can still easily see the fluid level. The guard simply bolts onto the existing mounting point. 420-5030 Chain pinion for Triumph Tiger 800/Tiger 800XC 15 teeth Compared to the original 16 teeth front and 50 teeth rear combined 15T front plus 50T rear results in approx. 10% reduction in speed and 10% increase in torque. 420-0880

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