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918 Swingarm Bearing Cover (Set) The high-quality Touratech swingarm bearing cover for the Triumph Tiger is a milled part that covers the bearing openings. It not only closes off these ugly openings, it also protects the delicate bearings and bushes against dirt and besides, the covers look fantastic! Available in gold, red, black and titanium anodised colours. Set for right and left sides: 420-5185 gold 420-5186 red 420-5187 black 420-5188 titanium color Oil Filler Cap with Special Tool Touratech’s quality oil filler cap for the Triumph Tiger is milled from anodized aluminium and replaces the plastic oil filler cap. The Touratech oil cap needs a special tool (supplied) to open it. You can also use the tool as a key fob and bottle opener. The tool – which comes with the cap – secures the filler cap against unauthorised access, and means the cap can be opened without fiddling or burning your fingers. 420-5230 gold 420-5231 red 420-5232 black 420-5233 titanium colour Cover for Rear Silencer Mount Triumph Tiger 800 XC Touratech’s cover for the rear silencer mount is mil- led from a single piece and replaces the simple bolt that is used to attach the silencer. Available to match the Touratech oil filler cap, frame plugs or swingarm bearing cover in gold, red, black or titanium colours. A visual highlight. 420-5250 gold 420-5251 red 420-5252 black 420-5253 titanium color Frame Plug, Left Side This small but fine accessory close off the open tube end on the Triumph Tiger 800’s lattice frame. Made from a single piece of solid aluminium, the plug is secured into the frame tube by a precisely fitting clamp. Another feature is the interchangeable coloured end caps. Use these to create colourful accents that give your bike an extra individual touch. 420-5190 gold anodised 420-5191 red anodised 420-5192 black anodised 420-5193 titanium anodised

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