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Triumph Tiger 800 917 Manifold Guard, Flexible Triumph Tiger 800/ XC This heat shield is made from laser-cut stainless steel. Thanks to the special construction, it can easily be adapted to any manifold shape. Not only does it provide heat protection, but it also protects the endangered points of the exhaust system against stone-chipping or in the event of a fall. Supplied with: 3 pce., including 6 collars. 420-5065 Oil Filter Guard, Triumph Tiger 800/ XC On the Triumph Tiger 800, the oil filter is located just behind the front wheel at a slight offset. Accessible with almost no protection, it is exposed to hard stone impacts and heavy soiling. Touratech’s oil filter guard for the Tiger 800 protects the oil filter against stones and dirt so that it doesn’t get damaged. It can be hard to find spares for this part, especially on a long trip, so effective protection for this sensitive engine component is essential. Made out of anodised aluminium and stainless steel components and fitted to existing attachment points, this is the perfect com- plement to the long-distance appeal of the Triumph Tiger 800. 420-5085 anodised silver 420-5086 anodised black Radiator Guard, Trimph Tiger 800/ XC The radiator on the 800’s 3-cylinder engine is pretty large, making it susceptible to dirt and stone im- pacts. As the original plastic radiator guard provides only limited protection on rough gravel roads, we recommend replacing it with an aluminium radiator guard. Touratech’s radiator guard for the Tiger 800 offers impeccable protection against stones, optimises airflow and is made from black anodised laser-cut aluminium that unobtrusively blends in with the bike’s overall appearance. It attaches at the exis- ting attachment points. The radiator cover can cause the engine to overheat under extreme conditions with high outside temperatures and an extreme engine load. 420-5015 anodised black 420-5016 anodised alu

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