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916 Mudguard Riser, Triumph Tiger 800 XC The original mudguard on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC is positioned very close to the front wheel. If you use TKC 80 or other similar enduro tyres, the gap gets even smaller. Then you’ll find that even small patches of mud are a problem – the mud builds up and the front wheel could lock. Touratech’s riser for the origi- nal mudguard on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC is really easy to fit. A stainless steel adapter goes between the tyre and the mudguard, increasing the clearance by 15 mm. You continue using the original mudguard without any modifications. The higher mudguard gives the bike a stylish off-road look and prevents the front wheel locking up. 420-5441 Neopren Fork Protector with Velcro strap for Triumph Tiger 800/800XC The Touratech fork protectors for the Triumph Tiger give utmost protection to the stanchion. Forget about damage caused by flying stones, dust or mud. Our new fork protectors are made of soft neoprene and mount without tools. They are wrapped around the sensitive parts of the fork, fastened with Velcro and fixed. 420-5625 Decal Set Fork Triumph Tiger 800/800XC Absolutely strong, thick film protects the fork against stones and other types of damage. Black film with white print. Very easy to apply - strong adhesive. 100-0506 (for both sides)

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