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910 Handlebar Crossbar Triumph Tiger 800 XC With our handlebar crossbar fitted to your Tiger, you can now also place a roadbook holder, motorcycle computer or navigation systems in your direct field of vision. A very useful part made from aluminium. 040-0604 Spoiler for Windscreen Triumph Tiger 800 XC This special spoiler for the windscreen is perfect for undertaking long, fast motorbike journeys in comfort. There is a significant reduction in turbulence and wind pressure against the helmet. It simply fits onto the windscreen, and is secured using the snap closure. When going offroad, the spoiler is easy to remove in seconds. 046-647 lockable Windscreen Adjuster with GPS Mounting Bar, Tiger 800 XC Our customers and industry insiders have been impressed with our current Desierto conversions for the BMW-GS and its universal windscreen adjuster. Now we also bring you a windscreen with a similar level of comfort for the Tiger 800. The best thing is that you keep the standard windscreen, only now its tilt angle and height are steplessly adjustable (5 cm). In addition, it can be fitted in two different height ranges. And the cherry on top: there is also a bar for mounting a GPS device. 420-5330

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