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Triumph Tiger 1050i 895 Pivot Pegz, for Triumph Tiger 1050i/Sport An absolute breakthrough - Thanks to a spring joint, these foot pegs follow the forward and backward movements of the foot to an angle of 20 degrees. This protects the boot, and gives the Rider a better position on the bike. It also minimises the load on the rider, since the boot is almost always positioned on the full surface of the peg and not - as with the conventional peg - on the edge. But the pegs are also extremely convenient in everyday riding. They provide a comfortable position of the rider‘s feet on the pegs, which results in more relaxing riding. Complete set with all attachments. 615-0706 Foot pegs, side stand base Comfort seat, Triumph Tiger 1050i - exchange only An end to the suffering. We developed the comfort seat for the Tiger in collaboration with KAHEDO, our seat specialists, and our designer. By using a different foam core on the bench and redesigning its surface, we have significantly increased the level of comfort both for the rider and for the pillion. Long journeys are no longer a problem. The non-slip surface also provides additional support when travelling at speed. Exchange against your original seat. The “high” variant (+3 cm vs. standard) offers taller riders a more relaxed knee angle, and thus far more comfort when travelling. The “low” variant (-3 cm vs. standard) offers shorter riders safe contact with the ground. Exchange against your original seat. 615-0350 (standard) 615-0330 (high) 615-0340 (low) Inclusive deposit / The deposit will be refunded as soon as we receive your original seat.

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