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894 Sport foot pegs, titanium coloured Triumph Tiger 1050i LSL‘s replacement pegs are milled from ultra light aluminium. They are hollow on the inside, and the underside is milled along the curvature of the footpeg. The surface is grooved for additional support, the peg runout drawn to the inside to provide advance warning of controlled contact with the ground. To provide passive safety, the peg is rounded on all sides. 615-0703 front 615-0704 rear Pillion foot peg adjustment, Triumph Tiger 1050i/Sport The pillion rider sits quite high on the back of the Tiger. With the foot pegs in the standard position, the pillion often ends up feeling tense and uncom- fortable. Long journeys try the patience. Our foot peg adjustments are the solution and put the pillion‘s foot pegs in a much lower position. This relaxes the angle of the knees, and the pillion is more relaxed and more upright. And after all, you want your pillion to be comfortable and enjoy the ride, don‘t you? 615-0460 Side stand base extension, Triumph Tiger 1050i (Up to 2009) The small base of the side stand is far too „sporty“ for our liking. Before you know it, it has disappeared in the soft asphalt and your bike is on the ground. Our surface extension is milled from a single piece, and safely secured with a stainless steel holder. The side stand becomes even sportier to look at - and more functional to use. 615-0290

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