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Triumph Tiger 1050i 889 Auxiliary fog light, right, Seeing and being seen, as well as honing your driving skills and driving defensively, gives you an additional safety advantage. The xenon auxiliary headlight and auxiliary fog light together offer both. In unclear weather such as fog and/or rain, the fog light in conjunction with the dipped headlight provides much better and more even illumination of the road directly in front of the bike. Furthermore, the lighting column to the front becomes more dominant, meaning that the bike is seen more quickly and more clearly by other road-users. Carries the E-test-mark. 615-0480 right 615-0485 left Auxiliary xenon headlight, left, Triumph Tiger 1050i The different light temperature and scatter angle, which is controlled by a lens, create an amazing illumination of the road and the surrounding environment. So you can turn night into day - and won‘t ever want to be without this additional headlight again when driving at night. Carries the E-test-mark. 615-0490 Cockpit, handlebar, lighting, indicator Headlight protector for Touratech fog headlight and Xenon headlight, black Robust enough to protect against flying stones - filig- ree enough not to impair the lighting intensity! This protector made of anodised black aluminium can be easily mounted on all our fog headlight and Xenon headlight. Includes: 1 x headlight protector 1 x assembly kit 1 x instructions 040-5468

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