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888 GPS holder in cockpit, Triumph Tiger 1050i/ Sport A well-designed solution that makes sense. Use the adjustable bracket to fit your navigation system above the cockpit and behind the screen. So you‘ll always have it in your sight - and won‘t be distracted when riding. The bracket allows for attachment of our navigation system holders. 615-0690 Bracket for navigation systems on handlebar clamp Triumph Tiger 1050i (2006-2011) Where to put the GPS on a sporty bike? With our shapely mounting, it can be secured perfectly right next to the instruments without concealing them. The simplest alternative for attaching navigation systems. Easy to fit, unobtrusive, and compatible with any of our navigation system holders. 615-0240 LED indicator ARROW Triumph Tiger 1050i The sporty replacement for the originals. The indicators blend elegantly with the shape of the Motorcycle. Delivery includes all parts needed for mounting and a resistor to ensure that normal indicator frequency is maintained. Carries the E-test-mark Consisting of 1 kit (2 in front and 2 behind) 615-1000

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