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Triumph Tiger Explorer 883 99,0 cm 107,0 cm 3831 4538 ZEGA MUNDO ZEGA PRO ZEGA PRO2 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Pannier System Triumph Tiger Explorer The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been per- formed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of 18 mm steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points using special fixing clips and reinforcing pieces. ZEGA PRO2 ZEGA Mundo 31/38 L 422-6130 ZEGA Pro 31/38 L 422-5730 ZEGA Pro *And-S* 31/38 L 422-5731 ZEGA Pro *And-Black* 31/38 L 422-5732 ZEGA Mundo 38/45 L 422-6135 ZEGA Pro 38/45 L 422-5735 ZEGA Pro *And-S* 38/45 L 422-5736 ZEGA Pro *And-Black* 38/45 L 422-5737 Pannier System with: stainless steel rack ZEGA Pro2 - 38/45 L 422-6035 ZEGA Pro2 - AND-S 38/45 L 422-6036 ZEGA Pro2 - AND-Black 38/45 L 422-6037 Pannier System with: stainless steel rack ZEGA Pro2 - 31/38 L 422-6030 ZEGA Pro2 - AND-S 31/38 L 422-6031 ZEGA Pro2 - AND-Black 31/38 L 422-6032 38314538

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