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872 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Detailed information on Touratech Suspension and available variants can be found starting on page 1306! Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme for Triumph Tiger 800 XC from 2011 onwards Putting it simply, the Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme is a suspension strut for the fork and the absolute top end in terms of suspension technology. The Closed Cartridge is installed into the original fork. This way the fork bridge/handlebar mount, brakes and wheel control and handlebar geometry are retained in full. No additional modifications to the fork are required This Closed Cartridge is been developed perfectly for touring and riding with frequent and strongly differing loads and riding conditions or extreme requirements. Scope of delivery: -- 2x Closed Cartridge with damper setting, (1x) rebound stage, (1x) compression stage. With spring preloading via adjustment tool (2x) -- adjustment tool -- ready for installation and ready-to-ride, fitted with pre-mounted fork spring. -- 1 litre oil (for installation of fork) -- user manual and instructions for installation -- 2x Fork protection sticker. 422-5840 Touratech ACE Suspension. ACE = Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension. Devised and developed by the Tractive team, the inventors of ESA suspension systems The Touratech Suspension ACE system responds at lightning speed to extreme forces such as emergency braking and powerful acceleration. When the bike is loaded for touring and/or carrying a pillion pas- senger, the ride characteristics can vary greatly and become very tiring. The Touratech Suspension ACE system offers the motorcyclist a high degree of active ride safety and touring comfort. The bike’s wheels stay where they should be: on the road. • The Electric Preload Adjuster (EPA) equalises the load on the motorcycle (“balance”). • The Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) can be adjusted from comfort to hard sports settings. • The Actively Controlled Electronic Suspension (ACE) control unit detects positive or negative acceleration (braking) and actively adjusts the damping as required via the DDA valve. 422-5872 (Triumph Tiger Explorer)

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