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Triumph Tiger Explorer 869 Stainless Steel Fairing Crash Bar Triumph Tiger Explorer On a long trip it can easily happen: just a minor fall or bump, and your tank and fairing are damaged. Touratech’s stainless steel fairing crash bar for the Triumph Tiger Explorer protects the plastic fairing around the radiator and frame. If the bike falls over, the crash bar will support it – so those expensive plastic parts will not get scratched or broken. In fact, the crash bar can take a serious beating. As well as being functional, the electropolished stainless steel is a real eye-catcher. It fits in with the frame design and makes the bike look like a proper touring enduro – one that’s sure to make an impression both on the road and over harsh terrain. 422-5160 Highway pegs for Triumph Tiger Explorer Finally - a way to relax your legs on long journeys! These motorway pegs are additional folding foot rests that let you stretch out your legs into a more comfortable position while riding. They make long runs a breeze. Touratech motorway pegs provide optimal grip even for heavy cross boots, thanks to their serrated surface developed in enduro racing. They fold up close to the tube, taking up little space - an obvious advantage if things get tight during an off-road excursion. With their special attachment mechanism, they are an ideal accessory on the Touratech fairing crash bar for the Triumph Tiger Explorer (422-5160). 045-5317

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