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862 Comfort Seat for Triumph Tiger Explorer Noticeable improvement all round! The standard seat on the Tiger Explorer has great potential for improvement, both for the rider and pillion passenger. Not only have we modified the shape, hardness and incline of the foam, we also use a bi-elastic, sweat-resistant, non-slip cover material with sealed seams. On the Tiger Explorer it was particu- larly important to provide thicker foam for the thinly padded pillion seat, to improve comfort on longer journeys. 422-5900 low 422-5901 standard 422-5902 high 422-5907 pillion Comfort seat *breathable* We also offer this popular comfort seat in our patented breathable version for the most discerning riders! The seat construction is based on an open-pored foam core with a spacer fabric around the seat to allow air to flow more easily through the ultra strong, elastic, waterproof textile cover. 422-5904 standard 422-5905 high 422-5910 pillion

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