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85 Michael Trammer 85 » The winners and those who tried to win Germany, the defending champions, were under extreme self-imposed pressure right from the start. Despite realistic chances of getting a place on the podium, Markus Eichberger, Roman Wusch and Thomas Becher „only“ come in eleventh at the end. As a consolation and to resurrect their damaged self-confidence, Tomm Wolf underscored that their many blunders were not due to lacking riding proficiency but was more a case of nerves. Team CEEU (eastern EU) are the clear big winners of the Trophy 2014. The Czech, Karel Řeháček, and the two Poles, Maciej Gryczewski and Wojciech Zam- brzycki, got it all right from the start and are ahead by miles. There seems to be nothing that these three can‘t do. They have the best strategy, the best team spirit and nerves of steel. A deserved win. The South Africans and French cam in second and third place. Chief organizer Michael Trammer put it aptly: „In my eyes, everyone is a winner. It does not matter in the end if you are not among the top teams. Be- cause meantime we are are all ONE BIG TEAM.“ Text: Ramona Schwarz, Photos: Herbert and Ramona Schwarz, Jon Beck

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