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846 Comfort seat *breathable* Triumph Trophy We also offer this popular comfort seat in our patented breathable version for the most discerning riders! The seat construction is based on an open-pored foam core with a spacer fabric around the seat to allow air to flow more easily through the ultra strong, elastic, waterproof textile cover. The result of this elaborate construction is overwhelming, and guarantees maximum riding comfort not only on long rides, but also at high outside temperatures and in extreme humidity. And yet there are no disadvantages or restrictions in normal every day use. Quite the opposite, in fact, because right from the very first kilometre, the air exchange helps to prevent your undergarments from wrinkling and creasing! The ultimate seat for rider and pillion passenger! low -2cm standard high +2cm Comfort seat rider*breathable* 623-5904 623-5905 Comfort seat pillion *breathable* 623-5910 Comfort seat for Triumph Trophy Even during the first test rides, we found the original Triumph seats had weak points that our comfort seats have successfully eliminated on many other bikes. The more comfortable, softer foam used in large-scale production has the considerable disadvantage that it rapidly sags while riding, forcing the rider and pillion into an uncomfortable and painful seating position. By producing our own, somewhat harder foam, optimising the contour of the seat surface and using non-slip, sweat-resistant cover material, we ensure a significant improvement in your well-being on this superb touring motorbike. low -2cm standard high +2cm Comfort seat rider 623-5900 623-5901 623-5902 Comfort seat pillion 623-5907 623-5904623-5905 623-5900623-5901623-5902

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