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8383 Four teams - one for the photos (Herbert Schwarz, Ramona Schwarz, Jon Beck), one for the films (Wolfgang Danner, Jan-Peter Sölter, Marcel Manske, Matthias Fey), one for technical support and a further one in Niedereschach for preparing the media content, looked after worldwide coverage of the event. Touratech managing director, Herbert Schwarz, was part of the Scouting Teams pri- or to the event. He had an overview of the trail and collected ideas on how to portray the event best in terms of photography and filming, which he then passed on to the media crews at the daily briefings. Many small and big cogwheels interact behind the scenes with great precision. If one adds the organization, film, photo and logistic teams to the 64 riding participants, then this adds up to a good 120 persons involved in the motorcycle event. An event of this size is a real challenge for the organizes and would be impossible to manage without the busy helpers on location, who often help out of enthusiasm alone. A big thank you to you all!

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