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824 Oil Cooler Guard Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom On the V-Strom the oil cooler is located directly behind the front wheel. Stones etc. being thrown up from the ground may damage the expensive cooler. Our aluminium oil cooler guard not only protects the oil cooler but it also adds style to your motorcycle. 041-1105 Radiator Guard Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom Effective and stylish protection for the water radiator. The anodised aluminium grill is screwed in front of the radiator using the original screws. 041-0205 Handlebar Risers Suzuki V-Strom DL 650/1000 - Upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - Better handling of the motorbike - Polished aluminium or black - For sport bikes: better standing position and less tiring - Handlebar 30 mm higher - only for 22 mm handlebar 040-0262 (natural aluminium) Handlebar Crossbar Suzuki V-Strom With our handlebar crossbar fitted to your V-Strom, you can fit a roadbook holder, motor- cycle computer or navigation systems in your direct field of vision. A very useful part made from aluminium. 040-0604 all years of construction

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