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Suzuki V-Strom 1000 815PART PART T OURATEC H T OURATEC H NEW 2014- IN THE EU - (GERM A N Y) Single-piece comfort seat for Suzuki V-Strom 1000 If a longer ride on the V-Strom turns into an ordeal, then this not because of the motorcycle itself, but because of the poorly shaped and too soft, and thus uncomfortable, original seat. By optimising the entire seat ergonomically, as well as using a firmer covering material and a special seat shell, we can provide you with unlimited fun over endless kilometers! Comfort seat V-Strom 1000 low 391-5912 standard 391-5913 high 391-5914 breathable standard 391-5916 breathable high 391-5917 Touratech Hand Protectors GD for Suzuki V-Strom 1000 * Includes special adapters when fitted to V-Strom DL1000* These hand protectors are made of virtually indestruc- tible plastic; they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection, and can easily be fitted to the V- Strom DL1000 using the fitting sets (included). The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles. Protector colours: black (X=1), white (X=5), red (X=4), yellow (X=2), blue (X=3) Spoiler colours: black (X=1), white (X=5), red (X=4), yellow (X=2), blue (X=3) Hand Protectors GD for V-Strom 1000 040-701X Spoiler for TT-Hand Protectors GD 040-730X Hand Protectors GD for V-Strom 1000040-701X

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