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806 this state: from desert landscapes to raging rivers, prairie meadows to canyons in the most fantastic colors. Winding panorama roads lead through emerald-green forests, followed by large meadows full of wild flowers, and just around the next mountain, another breathtaking can- yon. Colorado really has a lot to offer; we enjoyed the view over the world‘s highest suspension bridge, The Royal Gorge Bridge, which crosses the Arkansas River at a height of 321m. Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy the view from the bridge itself, due to a fire in 2013 and the subse- quent repairs . A few days later we discovered the next geological highlight, the Great Sand Dunes at Mosca. A desert surrounded by mountains. Over thousands of years, Winde have blown the sand particles from the river banks through the valley and deposited them on the valley‘s east side, on the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Range. The mountains reduce the speed of the wind and the sand as well as small stones were piled up to create dunes. This process is on-

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