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803 soils and deep sand. The spectacular colors made up of yellow and red clay deposits were extremely impressive. We enjoyed having arrived in the America as we had imagined it. We decided to take the small Highway 44 to Black Hills Natio- nal Forest. A 60km long section of the highway is a gravel track of top quality. This first gravel track on our journey was good practice for things to come. It started to rain, with gusty winds... the torrential rain turned the previously excellent gravel track soft within seconds, making travel a sliding experience. And to top it all, we met our first buffalo. At least this explains why this region is called Buffalo Gap Grassland. Gigantic animals, roaming around freely. Here we discover that America has a very open approach to offroad wishes and traveled cross-country through the Black Hills National Forest. A bit further on, we found the Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse monuments. This gave us insights to American history, we were moved, and yet, both monuments are only stone. Because of the bad weather in the Yellowstone NP, we deci- ded to leave South Dakota and travel to Colorado. The Rocky Mountains National Park was our next intermediate destination.

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