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80 » The motorcycles Compared with the last Trophy in Patagonia, which used F 800 GSs for the competition, this time the BMW R 1200 GS was to serve as wheels. It is an all-round talent. It is unbelievable how this machine can handle both marathon trips on roads as well as tricky off-road sections without a hitch. Overall the distance covered in a single week was close to 250,000 kilometers. There was not a single dropout for technical reasons, but not a day passed, where at least one GS fell over or landed in the bushes com- plete with its rider. But the machines restarted every time and the riders could continue to the finishing straight of each day‘s section. Fortuna- tely, nobody was badly hurt. The Trophy is the ultimate test for the new water boxer. As well as for the Touratech accessories. Even for those riding the 1200 for the first time, machine and rider were one no later than the third day. Now Tomm Wolf has his hands full to control the cocktail of testosterone and adrenaline which results when a bunch of tough guys get together. His maxim therefore: „Let them exhaust themselves before they get up to silly ideas!“ The more exhausted they are after each special stage, the happier is Tomm. And his hardcore trails are painful. Even initial skeptics like Italian Luca Viglio are convinced by the GS‘s multi-tasking capabilities at the end. „It was simply fantastic! This bike is truly a wicked machine, and I had the unique opportunity of riding it through a wonder- ful country. Absolute tops! I was not 100% convinced of the new machine to start with. Of course I was sure the bike would perform admirably on roads, but I had my doubts in terms of off-road performance. I found it a bit exaggerated when BMW called the bike the ultimate motorcycle. But after this week, at the end of the Trophy, I must admit, they are right!“

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