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79 Taro Mizutani » Friendship amongst men Of course, everyone wants to win. But the Trophy is not a merciless competition where people stop at nothing. The general attitude is one of friendliness, familiarity. After the first bitterly cold night, the tents are covered in hoar frost. It takes quite some effort to get into the deep-frpzen enduro boots. Sweating, suffe- ring, laughing and crying together. Repairing flat tires, overcoming your inner demons, putting on the power and counting the frozen dead mosquitoes as they drop from the windshield. These are shared experiences that unite. Any international barriers have been overcome by Day 2 at the latest. And something very special: it is quite natural for one team to help another if they are in difficulty. Mu- tual courtesy and respect are a given here. If someone lands off the track he is not left to stand alone in the rain. And even when would would actually need to save one‘s own energy, one still helps a competing GS team to jointly pull the bike out of a mud hole, as long as the rules allow this. And some of these salvage operations are pretty funny, too. Communication is dictated by using hands and feet. And maybe it is this helping attitude and honest re- spect among competitors which make the Trophy such an unforgettable event for many. And of course, there is also bickering in the team when things do not work out as planned. The diffe- rent approaches to solving difficult tasks is also quite amazing. Some sing during stressing special stages, others are extremely silent and highly focused. After a week of „having fun together on the GS“, strangers have become friends. The Japanese rider Taro Mizutani sums up the spirit of the Trophy: „Every day was a highlight. We enjoyed every minute. The last 9 days were really special for me. I will never forget this time. And I hope that the friendships will continue. I would like for my new friends to come and visit me, and vice versa. I will remember this fantastic experi- ence for the rest of my life.“

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