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788 Accessory socket Gives you electric power where you need it: in the cockpit. Direct connection for your nav system or mobile phone. Comes with a complete mounting set. 030-0012 (without fuse) 030-0027 (with fuse) Open hand protectors GD black, Suzuki GSX 1250 FA / 1250 Bandit, from 2007 The Suzuki actually provides very good protection against the wind and weather, it’s just they forgot how exposed your hands are on the handlebars. Our open hand protectors solve this problem, protecting your hands against windchill and wet conditions. Easy to fit, you’ll never want to be without your protectors again! Autumn and spring riding becomes a pleasure when your hands are warm. There’s a safety benefit too, since having cold hands is a distraction while riding and reduces your concentration span. 617-0120 Navigation system bracket for Suzuki GSX 1250 FA / 1250 Bandit Fork Brace For the simple and safe attachment of your navigati- on system and to keep it close to the instruments. Easy to attach to the handlebar clamp, you can fit almost any navigation system in this holder. And your navigation system is always in your sight. 612-0040

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