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KTM Enduro 690 / R 773 Hard Part Ignition Lock KTM 690 Enduro / Enduro R The ignition lock of the enduro 690 is fitted to the top of the frame. A shield made of 1.5 mm stainless steel is fitted to protect it against prying fingers. Simple but effective protection. 370-1510 Long-Distance Travel Tank KTM 690 Enduro / 690 Enduro R This tank will let you use your 690 as a true adventure bike, providing a combined fuel capacity of 26 litres. The tank fits on as an addition to the original under seat tank. It is straight forward to install and wasy to remove and to replace for servicing. There are taps to isolate the fuel in both tanks so servicing can be done without the need to drain fuel (fuel must be drained for initial instillation). This capacity over doubles the range (original tank 12 l) and has been molded to retain the original KTM styling and look, and gives you a unique, comfortable knee po- sition on the tank. Bolts straight on with stock seat! Includes: fuel cap, taps, mounting kit, fuel lines and fuel transfer plate Litres: 14 / Colours: black Not street legal; only for off-road use! 370-1580 Manifold Shield KTM 690 Enduro / R The heat shield is made from electro polished stain- less steel. It fits slickly into the overall appearance of the 690 Enduro. Not only does it provide heat protection, it also provides protection of endange- red points of the exhaust system against thrown up stones or when a crash occurs. Simple, uncomplica- ted replacement of the original shield. 370-1540 Manifold Guard, Flexible, KTM 690 Enduro This heat shield is made from laser-cut stainless steel. Thanks to the special construction, it can easily be adapted to any manifold shape. Not only does it provide heat protection, but it also protects the endangered points of the exhaust system against stone-chipping or in the event of a fall. Length: 28 cm. Supplied with: 1 pce., including 2 collars. 370-1538

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