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768 Heat Protection Lower Leg KTM Super Enduro The Super Enduro’s manifold, located very near the rider’s lower leg, causes real heat problems - loose clothing can even char and melt. The robust Touratech heat protection provides a reliable and lasting remedy for this problem. 370-0113 Frame Protectors Super Enduro On the standard motorcycle the frame is not pro- tected and your enduro boots will soon damage the paint of the frame. Our new frame protectors made from aluminium solve this problem. They will last forever, are very lightweight and also add a stylish look to your bike. 370-0150 KTM Super Enduro Gear Guard For anyone who would prefer to have an aluminium guard rather than the standard combined frame and gear guard, help is at hand. Our aluminium gear guard is considerably stronger and more stable than the original guard. It’s also lighter and really looks good. In order to give you the opportunity to decide whether you want just the gear guard or the frame guard, too, we’re offering you these useful parts separately.So you can configure your Super Enduro as you like and if necessary change it later. 370-0111

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