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KTM Superenduro 767 Long-Distance Travel Tank Conversion, KTM 950 Super Enduro Super Enduro riders can now enjoy the benefits of the long-distance suitability of their motorbikes to the full. The slender tank blends beautifully with the sporty lines of the SuperEnduro. And at the same time, great care has been taken to achieve the maximum possible fuel capacity.The long-distance tank holds some 30 litres of fuel! It’s so easy to fit that it can even be done by an experienced amateur mechanic. The long-distance travel tank simply replaces the original tank; no further work on the seat or other vehicle components is necessary.The conversion includes separate side trims so you can apply your own designs without the risk of blistering. Supplied with: tank, tank lid, side trims and installation materials Colour: orange, side trims orange. Not street legal; only for off-road use! 370-0303 Heat Protection Suspension Strut KTM Super Enduro In the case of the large KTM Sports Enduro, to avoid a premature drop in suspension strut shock absorber performance, we recommend fitting the Touratech heat protection suspension strut. The manifold is directly beside the expansion tank of the suspension strut, significantly warming the oil in the shock absorber. Reduced performance of the suspension strut shock absorber is thus effectively negated when the heat protection is fitted. Especially recommended for sport/racing events. 370-0112

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