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762 Water protected Water protected Water protected Tank Bag KTM LC 8 This tank backpack fits perfectly on the LC 8. - 25 litres main compartment, can be reduced - 2 small side pockets - 1 large map pocket: 26 x 29 cm - Detachable map pocket - Two rear quick release buckles - Two front aluminium hooks - Rain cover with clear window available as an option - Carrying handle Two shoulder straps: When attached to the loops, these convert the tank bag into a backpack or normal bag. Perfect design if you don’t want to leave your stuff on the motorcycle. Dimensions (l x w x h): approx. 34 x 23 x 22/32 cm Capacity: approx. 12/20 litres 055-1058 (Tank bag) 055-0069 (Rain hood) Tail Rack Bag This tail rack bag for the KTM LC 8 offers approx. 11.5 litres of carrying capacity. Two tensioning straps tied shortwise are used to securely fix the bag to the luggage rack. An additional tensioning strap can be put lengthwise. The bag features a closed cell foam base for non-slip, limpet attachment. A zip expands the bag to approx. 19.5 litres of capacity. Size: approx. 31 x 25 x 15 cm, expands to approx. 31 x 25 x 25 cm 055-1207 Universal Travel Bag for Pillion Seat A unique solution for all luggage issues! Spe- cially developed to suit almost any motorbike and designed for multi-purpose use. Because it is easy to attach and remove, our universal Travel Bag is a flexible and ingenious alternative to fixed pannier systems, even for longer trips. You will find more information on the universal Travel Bag and the acces- sories on page 1204! 055-1461 055-1468 (Black)

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