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KTM LC8 759 Frame Protectors LC 8 Adventure 950/990 / Super Enduro On the standard motorcycle the frame is not pro- tected and your enduro boots will soon damage the paint of the frame. Our new frame protectors made from aluminium solve this problem. They will last forever, are very lightweight and also add a stylish look to your bike. 370-0150 Progressive replacement fork springs, front, KTM 990 ADV Thanks to the progressive replacement springs by the renowned chassic specialists Hyperpro, the LC8 forks can release undreamt-of possibilites. With fork oil. 370-5836 (all years of construction) Touratech Suspension for KTM 950/990 ADV Many Advantages to other high-end brands! Touratech Suspension has been designed by Tractive Suspension. Tractive has specific, profound expertise of the Touratech type of motorbike models. As an example, the people at Tractive designed most of the shocks used by BMW Motorrad since the last 10 years. Information on Touratech suspension and the available versions can be found starting on page 1306 ! Hyperpro progressive replacement springs for fork and shock absorber KTM 990 ADV Full set by Hyperpro, the Dutch specialist for suspen- sion products. The set includes replacement fork springs and a replacement spring for the shock absorber. 370-5837 KTM Level 1 HighEnd Extreme 990 SM-R 058-0045 990 SM-R 058-0046 990 SM-T 058-0040 990 SM-T 058-0041 LC8 950 Super Enduro 370-5867 LC8 950 Adv. 2003-04 370-5869 LC8 950 Adv. 2005 -> 370-5868 LC8 950 Adventure S 370-5872 LC8 990 Adventure 370-5870 LC8 990 Adventure R 370-5871 LC8 950 Adv. 2003-04370-5869

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