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756 055-2165 Sportseat KTM LC 8 Adventure 950/990 In our opinion, a long-distance enduro bike such as the LC 8 should be equipped with a seat that enables both the driver and the pillion passenger to get off the bike without feeling stiff even at the end of a long daily stage and which guarantees unlimited driving pleasure until the end of the trip. We have developed such a seat for the LC 8! It features a bucket shape platform (to make it more comfortable to sit on) and a non-slip, stylish cover. The Touratech LC 8 seat is available in three heights: “high”, “low” and “standard”. The “high” version is about 2 cm higher (0.8 Inch) and the “low” version is about 2 cm lower than the original seat. 055-2161 (high) 055-2165 (low) 055-2167 (standard) Toolbox Lock Expensive tools, mobile phones etc. have an excel- lent storage placein the compartment between the two halves of the tank. But unfortunately light fingered people can also get to them easily. Help is on the way with our toolbox lock. 370-0221 Brake Cylinder Cover LC8 ADV/SE 950/990 A nasty fall and the LC 8’s rear brake cylinder is damaged. So that you can still brake effectively with the rear brake, we recommend our brake cylinder cover. Quick and easy to fit. 370-0110

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