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KTM LC8 755 P ART P ART TOU RATECH TOU RATECH NEW Headlight protector for Touratech fog headlight and Xenon headlight; anodised black aluminium Robust enough to protect against flying stones - filigree enough not to impair the lighting intensity! 040-5468 ( per piece) LC8 Adventure 950/990 Tank In order to increase the range of the KTM 950/990 Adventure significantly we are offering new large tanks with a total capacity of 45 litres. Just as with the original tanks here the two halves of the tank are fitted on the right and on the left. Even though these can carry significantly more, they do not spoil the sporty lines of the KTM Adventure 950/990 The width of the tank area of the KTM is only increased by about 6 cm each side.The tanks are supplied with lockable tank lids. Large plastic pads are also fitted on the right and left of the bottom of the tank. The Adventure 990’s petrol pump is fitted in the left half of the tank as in the original tank. The 950 Adventure’spetrol pump is outside the tank. For this reason these models need an additional kit to close this gap.The large tanks are available in three colours: black, orange and white/transparent. The seats and fairings of theAdventure 950/990 must not be changed or modified. The original tanks can be fitted again at any time. Delivery schedule: -Two tank halves (right/left) - Fitting materials - Fitting instructions KTM Adventure 950/990 tank set 370-0300 orange 370-0302 black 370-0304 white/transparent Crashbar for large tanks KTM LC 8 Adventure 950/990 370-0310 Adventure 950 additional kit (petrol pump locking unit) 370-0309

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