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71 Heiner Faust Within the worldwide GS Community (and beyond), the Trophy is regarded as the enduro challenge par excellence. It symbolizes adventure, riding plea- sure, team spirit, physical and mental boundaries and, last not least, friendship spanning continents and lasting longer than a current season. The „inventor“ of the Trophy is Heiner Faust, who presently manages sales and marketing at BMW Motorcycles. Highly impressed by the idea born in South Afri- ca, he took the „competition for amateur riders without a racing licence“ to Ger- many in 2008 and then promoted it to an international level as a next step. His vision: enthusiastic GS riders of different nationalities experience a mutual big and unforgettable adventure. Breathtaking landscapes, foreign cultures, fascinating people, tricky special stages and off-road at its best. And how does it work? The three best GS riders of a country who qualified in the national preliminaries, line up against teams from all over the world at the BMW Motorcycle International GS Trophy. This is held every two years somewhere in nowhere on the globe. The motto „It’s Not a Race“ implies that the event is not solely about racing speed (although all participants need to be good riders, physically in top condi- tion and cheerful in stress situations), but about riding skills with a motorcycle, fair play, navigation skills, endurance and technical understanding. » What is the Trophy?

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