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692 Crossbar For some time now, many enduro bikes have not been equipped with a crossbar. Many streetfighters with high handlebars don‘t have one, although it is ideal for mounting some interesting accessories: Roadbook holders, GPS receivers and many more To fit all these accessories you will need to mount our crossbar.The original handlebars are retained. Simply screw the brace to your handlebars. Now you can mount your equipment. Perfect solution if you don‘t need a crossbar all the time. 040-0603 290 mm Versys 1000 040-0604 250 mm Versys 1000/650 040-0605 275 mm Versys 1000 Navigation system bracket for Kawasaki Versys 1000/650 fork brace For the simple and safe attachment of your navigation system and to keep it close to the instruments. Easy to attach to the handlebar clamp, you can fit almost any navigation system in this holder. And your navigation system is always in your sight. 612-0040 Versys 1000 408-5410 Versys 650 GPS mounting adapter above instruments for Kawasaki Versys 650 from 2012 Successful rally racers show us how it’s done: they fit their instruments in the central field of vision. And what works for rallies is also a perfect solution for everyday use! Our “mounting adapter above instruments” lets you keep your GPS device or road book firmly in view. No more looking down or distractions to the side - your eyes are always pointed at the road. 408-5415 040-0603290 mm Versys 1000 040-0604250 mm Versys 1000/650 040-0605275 mm Versys 1000

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