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688 Side Stand Base Extension Husqvarna TR650 Terra The side stand base extension more than doubles the area of the supporting surface, so you won‘t find yourself straining to lift the fully laden machine. A mix of stainless steel and black anodised alumini- um components ensure the base extension looks good and provide full stability. Securely fixed to the side stand, the base extension is a useful accessory that is always there to save you a lot of hassle and frustration. 412-5275 Number Plate Splash Guard Husqvarna TR650 Terra Even a little rain can have a big effect. Driver and passenger are soon soaked by dirty water splashing from the rear wheel. Our sporty splash guard can significantly reduce this. 412-5000 Seat “Touring” Husqvarna TR650 Terra This seat significantly increases seating comfort, especially on long stretches. The reason: the ultra-bi-elastic yet strong outer material, which makes the padding even more efficient. Seat “Touring” low -2cm 412-5912 standard 412-5913 high +2cm 412-5914 Aluminium Luggage Rack Husqvarna TR650 Terra Touratech’s aluminium luggage rack fits perfectly on the rear of the Husqvarna TR650 Terra where it looks mighty fine. Thanks to the many slots and recesses on this aluminium luggage rack, luggage of almost any shape and size can be safely attached to your bike. 412-5450

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